We Will Move Consonance to later this year, 2020.

To give you an idea of what we do, here was our 2019 schedule.
We will replace it with our preliminary 2020 schedule when it becomes available.

Consonance 2019

Friday PM Champagne II/III Krystall Champagne I
07:00 PM Sing Along Concert
with All Our Guests
Open Filk Theme Circle Room/Open Filk
(all night)
07:30 PM Concert: Dia Z
08:00 PM Toast Mistress Concert:
Char MacKay

09:00 PM Closed for the night
09:30 PM Hosted Filk:
Tom Boat
10:00 PM

Open Filk
(all night)
11:00 PM

12:00 AM
Saturday Champagne II/III Krystall Champagne I
10:00 AM Closed for Setup Music of the Roman Empire with Vanessa Cardui Open Filk

11:00 AM Open Filk Drum Circle

12:00 PM 2x10 Concert
(signup at info desk)
Theme Circle Room/Open Filk
(all day)

01:00 PM Infilktion
with Char MacKay and Natalie Rogers

02:00 PM Interfilk Guest Concert:
Vanessa Cardui

03:00 PM Concert: ToyBoat
with Daniel "gundo" Gunderson, Cathy McManamon, Jason Neerenberg, Mike Nixon, David "Raven" Stowell

04:00 PM Interfilk Auction

05:00 PM Dinner Break!

07:00 PM Concert: Sunnie Larsen
07:30 PM Guest of Honor Concert: TomBoat
with ToyBoat and Tom Smith

Closed for the night
09:00 PM Open Filk (filking all night) Theme Filk: History and Legend
Hosted by: Vanessa Cardui

10:00 PM Open Filk (filking all night)

Sunday Champagne II/III Krystall Champagne I
10:30 AM Closed for Setup Fun
with: TomBoat
Open Filk until 4:00 p.m.
11:00 AM

Open Filk
12:00 PM 2x10 Concert
(signup at info desk)
Hiss and Purr: What worked and what didn't.

01:00 PM Concert:
Tom Smith
Open Filk

02:00 PM Concert:
Maya and Jeff Bonhoff
02:30 PM
03:00 PM Rock Jam

04:00 PM Closed for Teardown Dead Dog open filking (all night)... Closed for Teardown

05:00 PM

Convention Safety and Assistance: Ask anyone with a staff bage, or text or call 1-833-254-5796.

2x10s: Two songs or ten minutes per person/group, whichever comes first. Come to hear some old favorites and great surprises. Sign up at the information desk Friday and Saturday before the concert.

Music of the Roman Empire: What do we know about the music of the Roman Empire? Come learn and maybe sing-along. (with Vanessa Cardui).

Drum Circle: Tap, bang, bonk, slap, tickle... er engage with rhythmic instruments in a collaborative and improvisatorial spirit.

Theme Circle - History and Legend  Come share and listen to songs about history (of this this world, or ...some world, the myths and legends that shaped them or perhaps songs so old they're primary sources themselves).

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