Consonance 2021 will be held online March 5-7 around the world

Welcome to the filker's delight - a weekend of friendship and song. This is our schedule as we know it.

Consonance for Virtual Filkers - Nonsonance 2021

Time Conversion Key

  • Mountain: +1
  • Central: +2
  • Eastern: +3
  • UK: +8
  • Europe: +9
  • Australia: Tomorrow -5

Concerts, Events, and Circles

Concerts & Events Circles
04:30 PM Carla Ulbrich livestream *** (4:00) Open circle til late
05:15 PM
Ice Cream Social
and Welcoming Remarks
06:30 PM Songwriting Workshop, part 1:
Tim Griffin
After See you tomorrow
All Day
Events & Concerts Circles
10:00 AM Karl-Johan Norén talk Open Filk All Day

11:00 AM virtual choirs and bands
11:30 AM Katy Dröge-Macdonald
12:00 PM Anke Herodek
12:30 PM Kari Maaren
01:00 PM Eben Brooks We have a virtual merch table listed in Festival of the Living Rooms and should be able to provide it on Discord as well.

02:00 PM Taunya Gren

03:00 PM Mary Crowell more open singing

04:00 PM Beth Patterson

05:00 PM Robbie Matthews
05:30 PM Daniel Kelly
06:00 PM
Honoring Bob & Lindy Laurent
After Dinner Break! ...and the circle continues until...
All Day
Events & Concerts Circles
10:00 AM Songwriting Workshop, part 2:
Tim Griffin
Open Filk All Day

11:00 AM
One Shots

12:00 PM Annie Griffith

01:00 PM Infilktion
-- Natalie Rogers and Char MacKay
Your voice needs your support.
Don't forget food & drink.

02:00 PM Cecilia Eng

03:00 PM Dave Stagner more open singing

04:00 PM Fred Capp and Robin Baylor
04:30 PM Rhiannon's Lark
-- Alyssa Yeager
05:00 PM Kathleen Sloan
05:30 PM
Closing Ceremonies
06:00 PM Theme Circle: Space and Space Opera much more circle...

*** Livestream:  Carla Ulbrich's FB livestream Friday is not an official part of Nonsonance, but is warmly recommended. Carla's Youtube channel has past streams.

Merch Table:  The official merch table is in Announcements in FB: Festival of the Living Rooms. We will also find a way to provide this on Discord.

Convention Safety and Assistance: Nonsonance hosts are present to help.

Virtual Living Room Tips

The Mute Button: Because of internet lag, everyone will usually be muted except the active singer or speaker. Sing along when you like.

Chat Box: Use the sidebar to applaud, comment, chat with each other. Nobody's alone here.

Kindness: Be kind to yourself and others.

Your Camera Can See You: If you need to rearrange your position, be aware of where we're looking.

Hand Up Indicator: When you put your hand-up indicator on, the moderator will advise when you'll be next. You may need to be unmuted from both your side and the channel's. They'll turn off the hand while you're singing, and you'll need to hand-up again when you have another song ready.

Glossary of Filk Terms used often at Consonance

2x10s: Two songs or ten minutes per person/group, whichever comes first. Come to hear some old favorites and great surprises. Sign up at the information desk Friday and Saturday before the concert. We sometimes have 2x10 on Sundays or at a pre-set time chunk on Saturdays. One Shots are the same, but only one song.

Drum Circle: Tap, bang, bonk, slap, tickle... er engage with rhythmic instruments in a collaborative and improvisatorial spirit. We don't have a resonant ballroom for it this year :(

Dealer's Room: Where you can slip aside to chat with the purveyors of fine songbooks, discs, guitar straps, or assorted other fannish merchandise.

Theme Circle  Come share and listen to songs about ...some particular topic... or what has shaped them or relates closely. These are usually a half hour or hour in length.

I Can Follow That  Your hand's up, your song in mind fits the theme of or otherwise directly relates to the previous song, so you'd like to be next or very soon, to keep up the fun.