Consonance, The San Francisco Bay Area Filk Convention, March 31 to April 2, 2023 - at Sonesta San Jose, 777 Bellew Dr, San Jose CA

What is Consonance Exactly?

A filk music convention.

Which is to say: a bunch of people who enjoy and/or make and/or play filk music get together in a hotel for a weekend and ... filk, usually until very late into the night.

Debbie Ohi's filk faq is a nice primer on what's going on at a filk convention. Here's a bit more about what filk is.

Consonance is brought to you by Fanfare Music.

Fanfare? What's that?

FanFare Music Inc. is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization founded to promote filk and filk culture through the Consonance filk convention.

What do funds pay for?

The big ticket items are hotel function space (which is very costly in the Bay Area) and guest airfare and hotel rooms. Donations of funds keep Consonance running and affordable, bringing amazing filkers to play for and with us. Donations of time and skill make Consonance happen.

Consonance Current Info

Date:Consonance in 2023
Location:Sonesta San Jose in Milpitas, CA
877 Bellew Drive
next to ranch99 / Milpitas Square
2023 Guest of Honor:Valerie Housden
2023 Brave Little Toaster:Rhiannon's Lark (Alyssa Yeager)
2023 Interfilk Guest:John McDaid
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We were thrilled to be able to have a convention in 2022, and enjoyed seeing you online at 2020's and 2021's respective Nonsonance
We also have a virtual merch table so there exists a dealer's room of sorts until we come together next.

Stay Safe

Be Kind

You can support Consonance by donating online!

For the latest info please see Consonance on Facebook.