Consonance, The San Francisco Bay Area Filk Convention, March 22 to March 24, 2024 - at Hilton Santa Clara, 4949 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara CA

For general information on Best Practices

According to the CDC transmission is through respiratory droplets in high enough concentration to be viral load capable of overcoming your immune system. The strength of any given person's immune system may vary and practices relate equally to breaking down viral impact or preventing the distribution as best we can. Keeping surfaces clean and reducing your potential impact on others are now the standard.

Greet with voice and gesture.
Don't stand close (1-2 meters, 4-6 feet) to sneezy or coughing people.
Avoid adding to the load.
Wear a mask to reduce particulate virus transport, whether your own intake, or your impact on others.
The larger or more varied the gathering, the more this precaution has benefits.
Support your immune system in whatever ways are available to you.
Keep clean in how and where you touch surfaces.
Learn to treat your face like you have been handling cut chili. The virus is invisible to the naked eye, but the eyes were a target for the earliest variants.
There is no evidence that food or water alone will transmit this virus. This said, Food-borne illness (usually bacterial) is also well worth avoiding.
CDC Guidelines
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Specifically at Consonance

We will have masks available. Be safe and support each other.