Consonance, The San Francisco Bay Area Filk Convention, March 22 to March 24, 2024 - at Hilton Santa Clara, 4949 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara CA

Interfilk Guest

Naomi Hinchen

Naomi writes lighthearted songs about AI, time travel paradoxes, and the impossiblity of having too many books.

In the real world, Naomi works for a mobile game company. If you enjoy playing CASCADE on your cell phone, you have Naomi, among others, to thank. FIGHT THE SNAILS!

Interfilk Guest... Interfilk Auction... What is this Interfilk thing?

Interfilk is a fan fund that promotes cultural exchange and cross-pollination between filkish communities by sending talented filkers to a convention they might not normally be able to attend. You mostly won't have heard of the guests they send us - that's kind of the point - but they're always amazing people with a lot to share.

Learn more about this great program on its dedicated wesbite.

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