Consonance, 2022



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Lauren Cox is a twenty-four-year-old multi-instrumentalist, a singer, a writer of songs, and an acolyte of the folk tradition. She plays quite a few instruments (ukulele, banjo, guitar, mandolin, autoharp, piano, and almost anything percussive) with varying degrees of proficiency, and owns even more instruments that she will properly teach herself to play at some point.

She stumbled into the weird and wonderful world of filk by befriending Cat Faber and never looked back once she found her chosen family. This community has embraced, nurtured, and encouraged her at every turn, nominating her twice in a row for Best Writer/Composer on the 2018 and 2019 Pegasus ballots. She had the honor of being Interfilk guest at Conflikt in Seattle in 2019 and Toastmistress at her home convention, GAFilk, in January.

See some great pictures, even video links, at the article Gabrielle Gold wrote about her in 2018.

What's She Been Up To Lately?

Music is just one of her creative outlets—she is also, among other things, an old school film photographer, a poet, and an artist. She graduated in 2018 with a BA in Photography and a minor in Creative Writing, and she currently works as a server at a quaint family restaurant in Gatlinburg. She lives with her partner Emma (a lover of ecology and video games) and three cats (Ansel, Henri, and Alli) near the top of a lush mountain in East Tennessee.

Lauren is wrapping up her fifth year of FAWM (February Album Writing Month) this month, which a fair number of filkers have infiltrated. She recently recorded a new version of one of her songs with world-famous musicians Brandon and Kristian Bush. The finished result should be available any day now! And yes, she IS planning on recording an album in the (hopefully very) near future. If you have any advice on that, be sure to find her wandering around the con and pass it along!


We can't wait to see so much of her as our Toastmistress at Consonance!

Come and listen! Don't miss the occasion!