Consonance 2022 will be held in person March 25-27, 2022

2022 isn't here yet but an IN PERSON convention is on the horizon.

Pre-Registration Rates

If you had a past membership intended for 2020 or 2021

We still have your membership. You are welcome to join us and should not need to fill out another form.

Valid through January 31, 2022:

3-Day Adult Membership

US $60.00

3-Day Child Membership     (for youth under 12 at the time of the convention)

US $30.00

Supporting Membership     (a program book will be mailed after the convention)

US $15.00

Children in Tow     (for children under 5 at the time of the convention
                                and accompanied at all times by
                                a member parent or guardian)


Dealer Tables         (does not include memberships)

US $55.00

At Door Rates

Day Membership
US $20 for Friday only
US $35 for Saturday only (all day)
US $25 for Saturday night only (after 6pm)
US $20 Sunday only

To preregister, please fill out the form below

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  • PO Box 1763
  • San Jose, CA 95109-1763
  • USA

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