We Will Move Consonance to later this year, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions on our FaceBook Group

Q: Is the hotel OK with it? Sometimes canceling a convention can be expensive
Answer: The hotel is okay with it. They consider it a “force majeure” and is not penalizing us.
Also: If we can agree upon a new date, they will honor the original contract.
Q: How large is Consonance these days?
Answer: Around 100-150 people.
Q: When were you first looking at it --
Answers: 9 March we began assessing whether we should, as Santa Clara County (where the con is being held) had issued a ban on gatherings of 1000 or more people. Someone first asked us on March 6th.
Q: Is it really that big a deal?
Answers: We are not that large, but most of us travel long distances or fly in. 3 TSA agents have been confirmed as current victims. Various filkers have mentioned that Fandom overall contains many people considered to be at high risk (lung issues, older population, young children, etc).

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